Album Review: Fields Of Isolation – Mist of Misery


Where to begin with this EP. For starters I have not listened to much of their earlier stuff, and I am quite the fool for not doing so, but as they say, Knowledge is power. Having recently been introduced to Mist of Misery I have been handed a gift, and what a gift it is.

Following on from another EP released earlier this year titled ‘Shackles of Life’ (which I have since purchased), Fields Of Isolation is in itself a creature of such divinity that I could not but help fall in love with from the very first play through.

Black Metal, yes you will get your fill. Symphonic brilliance? You can have that as well. Some of the instrumentation on this release beggars belief, from the uplifting to the more morose numbers, this is grandness on a scale that not only deserves your attention, but rewards you in equal terms for the listen.

Yes the vocals are as expected that of a tortured soul and we have all heard that a million times, yes the guitars and blast beats all hit the familiar tropes with which we have become accustomed, but the sheer beauty of the rest of the music lifts this far above a lot of their ilk. And as surely as I see brilliance in this someone somewhere will say that they have heard better, for that is why we all have our own opinions.

In my opinion, this is nothing short of superb, a very moving piece of work from a band that I shall now pay a lot more attention to. Atmospheric, orchestral darkness that begs to be listened too in a darkened room all alone, every soaring melody beckoning you further into the mist, every stroke of the piano and ethereal moment holding you frozen in place.

A tragedy, a masterpiece, an epic short story. Bring on the next full length. These are tales that need to be heard.  A short review will give you no solace, go listen and find out more for yourself dear reader.

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