Album Review: Total Destruction – Marginal


Crust, death, grind, whatever you would like to label this as, Belgium’s Marginal certainly don’t fuck around. What you are essentially getting here is a fist in the face full of the aforementioned genre’s delivered with some kick arse punk attitude and a few other things thrown in for good measure.

Having formed from a shared affinity with doing whatever makes them happy, most of these guys where already heavily weighed down by other projects, but the idea remained and songs where slowly put together over time until the whole package could be unleashed upon us all.

Rough and ready, and ready to rumble pretty much sums up this whole album. No fancy words can change the fact that this release is all about aggression, and getting the masses off their feet. It does that in spades by tipping it’s proverbial hat to the old school ways whilst keeping things from going stale with constant violent momentum.

Never a dull moment is to be had, and the guys certainly show no intention of letting your attention lapse. Most of the songs fit snugly into a shorter time frame as is to be expected with this kind of thing so there is little chance of the punter getting bored, and we would not have them any other way. Attitude becomes long winded tripe if overly drawn out after all.

Nothing much more really needs to be said. Marginal have not set out to create a new genre here or any such thing, they have put together an album that is not only fun to listen to, but also is an expression of what moves them. By the same token I am a firm believer that if this is your kind of thing then it will get the thumbs up from you.

I give it two thumbs up, and two middle fingers in the classic up yours salute to those who would refrain from giving it a go. Perfect listening for when you feel like the world is a shit place and all empires should be razed to the ground. Let the masses be known, let Total Destruction have it’s day.

Nothing Marginal about this at all. A very solid release.

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