Album Review: Sweet Death and Ecstasy-Midnight

Midnight, now here is a band that does not need any further formalities or introductions. Mastermind Athenar has returned with another sleazy in your face album entitled Sweet Death and Ecstasy. And man oh man this is one hell of a ride. Now for a band that started with the sole purpose of releasing some EP’s and Split’s Athenar has sure come a long way and has become a staple in the popular Speed Metal genre that has gained some momentum in recent years. Also mixing in that special touch of Black and Thrash Midnight is the perfect blend of the aforementioned genres.

The minute the opening track “Crushed by Demons” rings through, chugging riffage like an onslaught of chaos, it hooks you in immediately and once the vocals kick in thats it, there is no turning back. This and the last song “Before My Time in Hell” are the longest songs off the album clocking in at a little over six minutes each which is not the norm for Midnight, but mind you it is oh so rewarding. Dirty, filthy, addicting, and ecstatic fun are just a few words that come to mind when describing the songs.

Musically Athenar has surpassed his previous work and has unleashed a whole new breed of Satanic Sleaze. From the memorable riffs to the solos that wail like the succubi on the cover art Sweet Death and Ecstasy is definitely one that will be on repeat for quite a while. I am glad this came out just before the end of the year because this is definitely very high up on an already expansive list for top albums. The bells have tolled and Midnight is upon us, so lets venture into the dark and ride forth!




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