EP Review: Monumental Microcosm- Greytomb

When it comes to the subject of Esotericism and all things Metaphysical there are quite a number of bands seeking to deliver that message via the metal world. While most use a lot of Atmospheric elements such as keys and over driven guitars Australia’s Greytomb have gone down a different route but still atmospheric all the same. Monumental Microcosm is the latest EP and while it is short it definitely does a fine job of taking the listener through dark abstract cosmic settings that are reminiscent of being trapped in a void with no way out.

The delivery of these songs are quite different as they combine various vocal styles ranging from low subtle growls to high pitched shrieks and it is done in a way that is both fluid and rewarding. Musically one can find elements of various genres, from Black Metal to post there is something here for everyone. Melodies drip with nihilism and further accentuate the overall feeling of being transported through a dense atmosphere. 

This EP released through Transcending Obscurity which I may add is an exceptional label who possess an already expansive catalog, is definitely a treat and one that I wish were longer. Prepare to be taken away by this and let Greytomb open your eyes to what lies beyond this world. 



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