Album Review: Coronation of the Black Sun/Saturnine – Profetus


Funeral doom. Let us ponder this for a moment. Funeral, being when you are buried  after shuffling off this mortal coil, Doom being your fate at the hands of whatever ends up being your demise. Funeral Doom then must be the soundtrack to your final days, and their surely isn’t much joy in that. Funnily enough, and I don’t think the word funny is at all appropriate for this album, there is no joy to be found here either.

Now, joy is one thing, and excellence is another as well. Finland’s Profetus have decided to provide us with the music for the funeral to end all funerals. This is some weighty stuff to take in, and will require some patience on your behalf. With songs running from around twelve to twenty minutes in length, this release will either be torture or pure bliss depending on your levels of virtue.

Patience is a virtue, or so they say, and I doubt that many of us whom profess to have it, truly understand it. This album will be your test. Ponderous and slow, dark and morose, a slow motion of decay on a grand scale. An agonizing descent into putrid rottenness with no hope in sight.

In parts you can almost see some light, but it is taken from you as fast as a nail can be driven into a coffin. Truly dreadful and truly awe inspiring, an epic picture of utter despair. Not to be taken lightly, for there is no joy to be found here. You have been warned.

This is astounding, just slow down a little, and let it unfold.


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