Album Review: Chloroform Cocktail – Limbsplitter

Yet another release from Unmatched Brutality Records, who seem to be on one hell of a roll at the moment as far as signings go. Pretty much all of them are of an excellent quality so let’s see how well this one fits in shall we.

Hailing from Cleveland Ohio in the good old U S of A, Limbsplitter have been around since about 2012 when they where known as Bellicosity. After splitting with their original vocalist, the remaining members regrouped to form the aforementioned. Another vocalist was inducted into the group, whom then left around 2015 to be replaced by current vocalist Devin Swank, and the show then went on.

This pretty little package, Chloroform Cocktail is their debut, and know we ask the question as to whether it is going to give them a leg up, or comes across as completely armless. Yes, the pun was intended. As a handy reference, the band also consists of Bob Buchanan on lead guitar, Dylan Gordon also on lead guitar (probably for equality purposes one would think, nobody likes a smartarse), Dan Baker pounds on the skins and Rob Lesniak is the proverbial bottom. Bottom end I mean, the bass, sorry about that.

A quick warning, this album is not for the feint of heart. If you don’t like the look of what is on the cover then I suggest you head elsewhere for your shits and or giggles. Anyway, after a charming little story the fun begins, and these guy’s go straight for the throat. Nothing subtle about the music of Limbsplitter, it’s all gore, guts and death ladies and Gentlefolk. If song titles like ‘I Ate Her Spine’, ‘Slaughtered Slut’ and the lovely sounding ‘Drenched In Menstruation’ don’t make you run for your safe space then you are in for a treat.

Limbsplitter aren’t rewriting history here, this is pretty much straight up gore/death metal. lovely fast riffs and blast beats to damage your neck, and slower grindy bits to give you a brief respite from the beating every now and then. Guitar tones are rich and warm, and the rest of the guys do exactly what is expected of them for this style of music. The Vocals have a bit more range than the usual, although that range is still pretty much from one side of the sewer to the other so don’t get too excited.

This is great stuff, fans of death metal will go for it straight away, and it is well worth a listen for any other metal heads out there. Superbly played death/gore at it’s finest. I for one am an instant fan. It isn’t brain surgery by any degree, more like a series of repeated blows to the head with an extremely large and pointy mace. These fuckers can split my limbs any time! 

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