Album Review: Isolated Evolution- Necrolytic Goat Converter

Necrolytic Goat Converter is probably one of the most interesting band names I’ve stumbled upon in recent years but do not let a name deter you. Isolated Evolution is a treasure trove combining all things Black Metal into a cauldron of memorable tunes and goats… just kidding about the goat part but if converting them is a form of creating solid musical composition then mastermind Chris Voss has achieved just this.

After listening to this album it is quite obvious that Voss has taken his inspiration from various realms of the world of Black Metal. There are hints of DSBM which are prevalent in the first track “A Quiet Affirmation”, Second wave Black Metal, and even Shoegaze which can be heard on the final track “The Calamity of Not Knowing”. The songs on this album flow together perfectly but each song still stands out individually which makes it very easy to listen to on repeat. As many times as I’ve listened to this album it still sounds fresh and not generic. The riffs are super catchy throughout and I give Voss props in being able to create such fluidity. The title track “Isolated Evolution” is reminiscent of early Nachtmystium and probably stood out to me the most, definitely a song that I would point out as a staple to the sound that Voss has created.

Musically everything melds together, the guitars harbor that dissonant sound that Black Metal is famous for and the vocals are almost distant and brooding. The clean vocals are also something to notate as they add a certain tone of despair and longing. Isolated Evolution is definitely worth checking out as a whole and I only hope that Necrolytic Goat Converter can gain some more recognition. This album is going to remain on repeat for quite sometime.



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