Hope Attrition: Woe

When a band can leave you feeling voidless and empty but not in a negative fashion you know they possess something special. Woe delivers an unforgivable brew of USBM that will tug at your emotions and dig into the core. After the 2013 album Withdrawl Woe was silent for a time and now they have returned full force with Hope Attrition. They have definitely brought forth an amazing album but with more power and finesse than your typical run of the mill Black Metal. 

With sweeping melodies and heartwrenching vocals Woe has planted a seed of emptiness and they have given it the sustenance to grow and this is prominent with the opening track Unending Call of Woe. The guitar is dismal and lonely and the vocals are a mix of Black Metal and crust, the opening lines of “this is a failure” cling onto what little glimmer of light may be left. Going back to the vocals the low growls give off an ominous feel while the high shrieks are relentless and unforgivable, and this is showcased well in the song No Blood has Honor. The subjects of loss and struggle are tossed around a lot within the album and The Din of the Mourning is a prime example of this matter and it brings into fruition the sound that is familiar within previous works. 

The Ones We Lost combine both brutality and validity while at the same time it bounces in and out of catchy head banging melodies that almost sound like what  a person may experience while going through loss, the pain of grievance and the will to accept. Drown Us with Greatness is a relentless song and is every bit as unforgiving as the feelings that are exacerbated with this release and it will leave the listener reeling. Abject in Defeat closes the album out with a bang and it does not slow down until the last note. Unforgettable melodies embody this song along with a solo that screams longing.

All in all Hope Attrition is a superb album and it delivers on all levels. This has surpassed all other releases by the band and undoubtedly propelled Woe into a foward motion. Metal is a way of expression and it comes in many forms and mediums. Hope Attrition has taken these mediums and turned it into a work of art and everyone who is a fan of the genre should check this out. 


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