Hvile I Kaos: The Live Offering

The beauty and atmosphere that is Hvile I Kaos was transposed into a live performance and it compelled me to express my thoughts. I have already reviewed selected works by said project but for those who do not know, Hvile I Kaos plays Cellistic Black Metal and while it is not the norm, Kakophonix uses the Cello as his medium to evoke the chaos within.

Local Southern California Metal Bands all came together for Summoning Retribution II which was a benefit show for No Kill Animal Shelters. It was great seeing everyone join forces for a good cause. I feel very humbled and honored to have attended, and also to be amongst my self proclaimed metal family. For this live performance Kakophonix brought together a band of musicians to spawn forth his music, complete with Acoustic Guitar, Violin, Bass, and a second Cello.The stage was graced with candles and the chandeliers in the room added to the ambience. As the first notes of Agios O Baphomet were played a sudden calm washed over the room enveloping the being with mournful notes. 

Afterwards Thy Olde Birch Gibbet came into form and seeing this performed live really moved me even more so than the recorded version. The talent here is undeniable and I was instantly lost in the music, my mind once again painting a picture of impending fate. The Dying Gasps of a Once Proud Eagle presented a sorrowful tone that in my mind created a sound of inner turmoil mirrored by the instrumentation of the forces combined. The final track Wailings of Wasted Flesh concluded the set, leaving me wishing the journey could have continued. Hvile I Kaos succeeded in more ways than one. It was a beautiful experience as a whole and if given the chance I implore you to check it out. There is artform within the chaos and again this is what this music is all about. Take the time to merge feeling with this medium and lose yourself to all that is presented. 


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