Verses from the Deceased: Coldvoid

After much procrastination and a journey through the dismal Atmosphere of Icelandic Metal, I bring forth the talent that is Southern California’s Black Metal act Coldvoid. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of seeing the band live at a small bar here in Socal, and I was sold even more so than before. The set itself was atmospheric, dark, and depressive the low lights adding to the overall ambience. Complete with corpse paint, and typical black metal garb Coldvoid managed to invoke an overall unison with the audience, sweeping through mid paced Black Metal to slow haunting passages. I was thourghly impressed and I definitely hope they bring more shows to the table. 

Moving on to the demo Verses from the Deceased which starts of with the track entitled The Audacity to Live. Going back to the show this in my opinion was a stand out song and for good reason. Starting off with a slow melody which has a prominent DSBM aura to it starting off, then unleashes into a mixture of Black Metal riffage. You can clearly hear different influences within the song that lead up to the epitome of what the band is trying to accomplish. The next track Coldvoid stands out with a very catchy riff that is fast paced and will leave the listener headbanging along. The vocals are riddled with despair and anguish and the last few minutes of the song are tinged with a semblance of sadness. Melancholia the final track is a bit more upbeat than the other two which makes it almost stand out on its own. Again keeping in form with the rest of the album there is a feeling of despondency and once the final notes ring it was almost as if a void was created in oneself. 

Overall this is a promising demo for a young band, and hopefully we will see and hear more of them. They certainly know how to ensnare the emotions within.


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