Hvile I Kaos: The Live Offering

The beauty and atmosphere that is Hvile I Kaos was transposed into a live performance and it compelled me to express my thoughts. I have already reviewed selected works by said project but for those who do not know, Hvile I Kaos plays Cellistic Black Metal and while it is not the norm, Kakophonix uses the Cello as his medium to evoke the chaos within.

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Verses from the Deceased: Coldvoid

After much procrastination and a journey through the dismal Atmosphere of Icelandic Metal, I bring forth the talent that is Southern California’s Black Metal act Coldvoid. A few weeks back I had the pleasure of seeing the band live at a small bar here in Socal, and I was sold even more so than before. The set itself was atmospheric, dark, and depressive the low lights adding to the overall ambience. Complete with corpse paint, and typical black metal garb Coldvoid managed to invoke an overall unison with the audience, sweeping through mid paced Black Metal to slow haunting passages. I was thourghly impressed and I definitely hope they bring more shows to the table. 

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Sinmara / Misþyrming – Ivory Stone / Hof

In the world of today’s Black Metal scene we come across a wealth of bands who seek to procure the very foundation of the genre. If you have kept up with the various acts you will most likely notice that Iceland has exploded like a volcano, evoking a number of molten ridden bands.Both
Misþyrming  and Sinmara have released superb debut albums that have left me hungry for more and this split has reminded me once again why I love both bands. It is no secret here that The Metal Wanderlust is a fan of Iceland’s scene, with bands like Carpe Noctem, Svartidauði, Wormlust, and Mannveira just to name a few there is something for everyone.

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