Cellistic Black Metal Tyranny- Hvile I Kaos/Angmar 

The veil has been lifted and here I am once again sharing my thoughts on Black Metal Cello project Hvile I Kaos, with whom I have had great pleasure in doing so. Mastermind Kakophonix has joined forces with Angmar another prominent Cello player to release “Cellistic Black Metal Tyranny”, a four song split that can be described as pure imperious cellistic black metal bliss.  

“Wailings of Wasted Flesh” is the first track by Hvile I Kaos and to me this was a great opener. It stood out to me immediately and it had me hooked, emotions running in circles as I let the music sink in. This is true artistry, to be able to evoke such feeling and beauty within the the first few minutes is definitely something to be proud of and it does not stop there. The song itself weaves in and out of what I feel as elation and then sorrow, the sounds of the cello exacerbating the senses. The next track by Hvile I Kaos “Forging the Abyss” opens with an almost medieval essence only to swell into mix of black metal melodies and undertones which were definitely cues to start headbanging. “Gates of Avernus” by Angmar keeps the pace going, offering an almost raw black metal sound which is not a bad thing. It is holding to the core of what this music is all about. “Erlkönig” is an arrangement of a Schubert piece which closes out this release nicely. Here we have two very talented musicians who have collaborated together to bring us black metal in cello form, it is both beautiful and different. Take a listen for yourself and let it all sink in. Another page is turned and I am looking forward to the future endeavors of both artists. 


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