Gruesome Premiers Dimensions of Horror Music Video


Gruesome is a band that has caused quite the stir in the metal community with their tasty blend of old school death metal. As a follow up to their full length “Savage Land” in 2015 the EP entitled “Dimensions of Horror” is set to be released May 20th, 2016 through Relapse Records.

This is highly anticipated in my book as I am a big fan of their prior release. This is sure to be a treat for fans and newcomers and the music video has just built up some extra hype. Fans of the genre rejoice, Gruesome knows what they are doing!

1. Forces of Death 03:57  
2. Raped by Darkness 03:06  
3. Amputation 02:32  
4. Hellbound 03:52  
5. Seven Doors 02:23  
6. Dimensions of Horror 03:46    


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