Take a Trip to the Cosmos with Wormlust


Instead of my usual lets review this album today I decided to just talk about this band as a whole, a bit of  unrestrained praise if you will. As I have said countless times before, Iceland has A LOT of talent when it comes to the metal scene and Wormlust has managed to deliver some deep, dark, and all around  wholly satisfying mix of Black Metal. Wormlust is the project of solitary member H.V Lyngdal and he originally started under the name Wolfheart but then changed names. After a number of demos between the years of 2006-2011
“The Feral Spirit” was thrust into the scene in 2013.


This album is absolutely infectious from the first second to the last. Its like Black Metal and psychedelic crossed paths with some experimental and banded all together to spit out this gem. Its riddled with spacy synths, distant howling vocals, and crusty distortion. Let me just say it may take awhile to hook you in if you aren’t used to this side of metal but once you are in there is no escaping. So take a journey to the cosmos and find yourself lost in a deep black hole.


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