Into the Aquatic Sector:Madrost


Even though this album came out a few years ago I feel that it deserves some recognition. “Into the Acquatic Sector” is a tasty mix of good old Thrash combined with elements of Death Metal. So sit down lay back and hold on for the ride. “The Unknown” is a eerie scifi-esque opening sequence that makes you feel as if you might have walked into a trap which leaves you stuck for the rest (And that is not a bad thing). “Frozen Beneath the Snow” is the opening track which starts off with an ear piercing scream then slams into heavy riffage which is then accompanied by bark like vocals that really mesh everything together. This song definitely hooks you in.

“Universal Energy” is another heavy hitting speedy track that again is graced by that amazing falsetto scream and the drums seem to have more of a presence during this song and a juicy solo to go along with it. You can really pick out the talent that this band possesses. “Operation: Xenomorphic Protocol” gives off more of a Death Metal vibe whilst not losing its Thrashy charm. A tasty growl like howl unleashes you into the rest of the song that features some extremely catchy riffs. “The Oceanic Prelude” slows things down with a nice classical feel that brings you into the next track “Subterranean Nightmare”. This song also incorporates more Death Metal like elements and added is a sweet bass line and another sweeping solo. “Into the Aquatic Sector” and “Depravity” close off this album and leave you wanting more. I will say that I was bummed once it came to an end as I was hungry for more songs. Thrash/Death Metal fans unite because this band definitely has the chops and for being unsigned they harness a lot of talent and production on all levels. Check this album out and don’t forget to support local music.


Photo Credits: Adrian Mejia of Metal Invictus


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