Lawful Evil: The Dread Crew of Oddwood


Do you like pirates? Yes, no, maybe so? Do you like super fun songs that you can’t help but sing along to and the occasional melody about an expedition out of a whales…never mind. The Dread Crew of Oddwood have come a long way and I am happy to say that their new release “Lawful Evil” has fully encompassed the sound of Heavy Mahogany. It is rich with folky catchy tunes that will make you laugh and of course all the debauchery that you can expect from a band of acoustic weilding pirates. “Join the Ranks” starts off with a whirling melody that almost makes you feel like you have joined a pirate circus, and what a fun circus this is. Rich with the familiar elements of Oddwood this song is your path to join the ranks of the crew, and well we still don’t know what that happened to that Francis guy. “Side Quest” is a satisfying tune and trust me you will have the chorus memorized and you won’t be able quell the need to sing along. And not to mention there is a sweet drum fill about a minute and a half in. Next up is “Heavy Mahogany” and this song namely so is the core of the band. All the instruments meld together perfectly and you can really pick out every element that Oddwood is known for.

“Sulfur” is a great song for some headbanging as you can see from this epic music video and also included is a sweet mandolin solo, yes a mandolin and no you are not worthy. Things are slowed down a bit with “Sirens Song” and it features some lovely female vocals that work well with the tune. “Expedition on Heavy Submarine” is a fun song that tells the story of a whirling journey aboard a submarine and I know I wanted to “descend into the sea” whilst listening to this catchy tune. “Humours of Oddwood Isle” is a fun little jig and it makes you feel like dancing the night away in a warm cozy pub with some ale in hand. “Raise Your Pints” is a ballad to alcoholic beverages everywhere and this song is a fusion of folk and of course undertones of metal that will be sure to have your fists or pints in the air. “Sand Lobster” is an interesting song about a mighty crustacean that was brought down by the crew and this song definitely has a theatrical story telling element to it which makes you want to stick with it.

Now remember that thing about a whale, well the next song “Whalin’ Rumbo” tells of a journey inside a whales tail end. This song is hilarious and the band definitely does a great job of weaving this messy story. “Trollwhack” is another strong headbanging song and it makes you want to open up a mosh pit. “The Gleeman”, “Storm Riders”and “Dead Mans Medley” close out the album and I am left wanting more. This is a great release and there is something here for everyone. Whether you are a heavy metal fan or you prefer traditional folk music give this album a listen, it will make you happy trust me. Be sure to support the band and buy the album and catch The Dread Crew of Oddwood at one of their shows, they are just as fun as the album itself.


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