Born From the Dark: Voices of Ruin


There is a lot I can say about this band, between their amazing stage presence and talented musicianship Voices of Ruin have managed to break into the scene with a vengeance and they have not slowed down. With their new release entitled “Born from the Dark” they have captured the essence of melodic death metal to its core and fans of the genre are in for a real treat. “The Awakening” kicks things off with a headbanging riff and with lyrics such as “Fear of the end, your God is dead, your God is just a lie” the listener is drawn in to stay for the ride. Following is “Scars (Of My Sanity)” which features juicy fills that come together perfectly to mesh with crushing vocals. At this point if you are not hooked then don’t stay for the rest.

“The Black Horizon” and “A Ghost Inside” are up next and they are just as brutal as the prior tracks and both songs keep the pace going. “Death’s Design” which happens to be my favorite track off the whole album encompasses the band’s sound entirely with a sweeping opening solo which only continues throughout the song. The musicianship here is up to par and there is a section during this track that is perfect for headbanging along to the the growls of “Sickened earth Bleeding Earth This is deaths design”. “Fallen” enters with sheer brutality and more face melting riffs. Next is another noteworthy track “Exiled.. Into Darkness” which is a long one but it takes the listener on a “dark” journey with plenty of prominent riffs to accompany the vocals. The album closes off with “Blacked Out” which wraps everything up nicely reminding the listener to “Blast it Loud” which is mandatory for this album.

All in all this is an exceptional release and if you have the chance to catch these guys live you will not be sorry. They are an extremely tight group and I am anxious to see what is next in their arsenal. Remember to support the local scene and keep it metal.


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