Winter’s Wake: Up and Coming Viking Metal Band from New York


I first heard of Winter’s Wake through Instagram, so I decided to give them a listen. This Viking Metal group from New York manages to combine powerful vocals and beautiful melodies that are a staple in bands like Equilibrium, Moonsorrow, and others in the genre. Their new single “Awake” is now available through ITunes, Soundcloud, and Spotify, so please do yourself a favor and check this band out.

The song itself starts off with a wistful orchestral arrangement then unleashes into a powerful mix of viking esque growls and galloping guitar riffs only to slow down again and enter into another arrangement. They definitely harness the “northern” sound and they will be sharing the stage on March 19th in New York with Mongolian Folk Metallers “Tengger Cavalry”. It is really great to discover bands who manage to capture the essence of Viking Metal that is so familiar to fans of the genre.



Listen to “Awake” Here

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