Tempel: The Moon Lit Our Path


I stumbled upon this band while browsing Spotify and I was not sure what to expect. When instrumental metal comes to mind I think Djent, but that is not the case for these guys. Tempel is a two man band hailing from Phoenix Arizona and their new release is an absolutely satisfying ride. Tempel sets the atmosphere right off the bat with the opening track “Carvings in the Door” which incorporates heavy riffage and progressive elements.

Next up is the title track “The Moon Lit Our Path” and this slows things down a bit and in my opinion creates a very haunting sound that is recognizable throughout the whole release. “Descending the Labyrinth” is probably my favorite off the whole album, the solo section meshes perfectly with the rhythm guitar and it just flows. Following are the last two tracks “Tomb of the Ancients” and “Dawn Breaks Over the Ruins”. To wrap everything up this album needs to be listened to in its entirety straight through without stopping. Let it take you on a path of your choosing and get lost in this amazing work. Find Tempel on Bandcamp

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