Black Mourning Light Fest 2017 Line-Up

Black Mourning Light Fest 2017 Line-Up w/ Blasphemy, Revenge, Rites of Thy Degringolade, Antichrist + more

Oct 13 / 14 – Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room  – Tickets On Sale Now!


2017 Logo and Art by Sickness666
Main BML Logo by Christophe Szpajdel

Born out the hell storm of Edmonton, AB, black and doom metal festival Black Mourning Light presented by Crown of Viserys and returns for its third installment. They have taken the meaning of extreme to new levels with this year’s 2017 edition hosted on October 13th and 14th at the Starlite Room. 

This year’s infernal ritual features legends BLASPHEMY (Vancouver, BC) and REVENGE (Edmonton, AB) headlining plus some of the most insane black metal and death metal acts to ever grace a stage with EVILHEART (Mexico), FORTRESS (Kalispell, MT), FUNERAL OF GOD (Canton, OH) plus a carnage of Western Canada acts that includes THE PROJECTIONIST (Alberta/Ohio), THE LUCIFER PROJECT (Edmonton, AB), RITES OF THY DEGRINGOLADE (Edmonton, AB), AMPHISBAENA (Edmonton, AB), ANTICHRIST (Vancouver, BC), XUL (Vernon, BC), SORGUINAZIA (Edmonton, AB), SCYTHRA (Regina, SK) and GOATHAMMER (Saskatoon, SK).

BML organizer Dustin Ekman comments:

“This year we are taking Black Mourning Light to a new level of brutality, and I couldn’t be more honoured to have true legends in black metal on the festival. Revenge and Blasphemy are two of the biggest names in black metal and with them are some of the best bands in the world to create an absolutely killer lineup. This is a year to not be missed, that’s for sure.”

Tickets are available at the following Edmonton locations Starliteroom, Blackbyrd Myoozik, Rendezvous Pub and online at the following links:

One Day Ticket or Two Day Pass – 

Tickets are $45 for one day, $75 for both days.

BML 2017 Line-Up:

Friday, October 13th

The Lucifer Project

Doors 5pm

Saturday, October 14th 

Rites of Thy Degringolade
The Projectionist
Funeral of God
Doors 4pm

About BML:

Black Mourning Light Metal Festival is the black metal and doom festival founded by Dustin Ekman of Crown of Viserys. Created to fill a void in Edmonton’s black and doom scene. After two successful years in 2015 and 2016, Black Mourning Light Festival returns for a 2017 edition. The 2017 onslaught will feature bands from across Canada and USA. Those that attended the 2015 inaugural ritual and the 2016 two day mayhem will not be disappointed by 2017, as they can expect a different while similar experience to those events.

Last year’s 2016 edition featured a line up of black, death and doom bands from across Canada plus the USA with UADA, Panzerfaust, Erimha, Helleborus, Idolatry, Display of Decay, Vile Insignia, Hive, Wormwitch, Norilsk, Cell, Holocaust Lord, Nachtterror, Dethgod, Ye Goat-Herd Gods and Hunted By Ravens.

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Interview: A Descent Into the World of Kakophonix 

Photo: Lone Wolf Productions

I had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Kakophonix of the Cellistic Black Metal project Hvile I Kaos. He was gracious enough to provide me with some insight on his music and other subjects. Deathwave Nexion a small label specializing in the occult is set to release the debut album entitled Agios O Fotiá on October 13th 2017. Some more information on the album can be found HERE. So please sit down and enjoy..

Rather than pushing a dogma or clearly defined agenda, I’m much more in favor of allowing those views, shaped in turn by those experiences, translate into the listener’s mind via the music.

1. Explain the concept behind the new album and how it came about:

Agios O Fotiá translates from “Oh Holy Fire” in Greek. The term “Agios O [insert deity here]” is used in a variety of spiritual traditions to denote reverence or praise. As there is no one specific archetype that the album as a whole corresponds to, it seemed only fitting to dedicate it to Fire. 

Consider the manifold nature of Fire. The blaze of the sun is essential for sustaining all life on earth. The harnessing of Fire was also a key step in our early human ancestors’ ascent along the path to dominance. By the same token, that life-giving source is also capable of destruction on a massive scale. Anyone who’s lived in Southern California for any prolonged period of time knows this all too well. And the sun that gives us so much will inevitably consume the earth it sustains. So it can be said that Fire is the ultimate token of the Gods, both of their generosity and their wrath. Awakening that within the Self opens the door to so much.

All the previous Hvile I Kaos releases have been these little EPs and splits dropped intermittently throughout the years. As this is the first full-length release, I wanted the album to serve as a sonic imprint of my own Becoming. As such, every piece corresponds to a direct experience of mine. Experiences the listener can partake in as well, if they so choose.

2. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

That has evolved a bit throughout the years. Prior releases corresponded to more general concepts. Death. The Flesh. The Abyss. As Hvile I Kaos has evolved, the experiences I’ve had have become much more tangible. Let’s just say my inspiration today isn’t necessarily 100% mine anymore. Despite the fact that I still do write everything from scratch and my ideas are still very much mine, the substance comes from, well, somewhere else. I’m kind of just transcribing what I’m given in a way.

3. You have been signed to Deathwave Nexion, elaborate on how you were approached

I’ve been in touch with some pretty shadowy figures in some deep and elusive circles. So much so that I’m not really comfortable naming names. That said, one such individual recommended I get in touch with the fine folks at Deathwave Nexion as an appropriate outlet for releasing future Hvile I Kaos workings, particularly in regards to the direction things are taking. 

I’ve so far had a great working relationship with the label. It’s not this business conglomerate that just wants to churn out releases to meet popular demand. Rather, the concern is primarily with maintaining the integrity of the creations and the message they carry. They treat their artists with the utmost respect. 

4. Can you touch on your line up for Hvile I Kaos?

The current live lineup for Hvile I Kaos comprises of some of my best friends and artistic colleagues, whose contribution has made the experience that much more rewarding. My conservatory friends Emerson Sinclair and Sam Hernandez have taken up the duties of violin and cello, respectively, to round out the string section. On guitar we have my old bandmate Martin Stacey. He and I both honed our writing chops on a very ambitious album for an older project of ours. 

All of these musicians are extremely creative individuals in their own right, and each have their own working catalog of original music. The chemistry in the band is the best it’s ever been, which does wonders when we perform live. The bassist situation right now is a bit up in the air, but we do have someone lined up to perform at our album release show in October.

5. If you could choose one instrument to master besides the cello what would it be and why? 

That’s an interesting question, particularly given the fact that I started really taking the cello seriously as a teenager when I realized my abilities on the guitar were kind of lukewarm by comparison. I suppose something a bit more exotic or obscure, like the Nycelharpa or the Sitar, could be cool. Anything to conjure up weird and wonderful sounds modern listeners may not be super familiar with. I’d definitely stick with a string instrument of sorts. 

6. What are your current views on today’s metal scene? 

The metal scene as a whole is kind of a broad topic, so I’m going to focus specifically on the Black Metal scene as I’ve experienced it. I’m pretty optimistic about the rise of Orthodox Black Metal in recent years. To me that is the most accurate representation of what the genre exists to achieve. True belief. True experience. True expression. It all goes back to honesty in the end. 

By that same token I’m a bit disheartened by how many current bands I’ve seen claim to be Black Metal that have no legitimate right to that claim. They seem to be under the assumption that creating an image and a “mystique” is the ticket to the cool kids’ table of the “elite”. Trying to seem dark without living the Darkness. And while such bands may have some audiences fooled, they’re certainly not fooling the very real Darkness they pay lip service to. That which does not suffer fools gladly.

7. What is your perspective on the internets impact on today’s music scene? 

That’s really a double-edged sword. The benefits seem to have been that artists can get their music heard without needing the approval of industry bigwigs, something that wouldn’t have really been possible in previous decades. On the flip side, I’m going to be that guy and openly admit that I see illegal downloading as a huge problem. Musicians pour everything they’ve got into their works. If you like an album enough that you just have to own it, you can pay $10 or whatever for it. Rest assured the artist spent way more to make it a reality.

8. Are there any specific bands that you are listening to currently that are worth mentioning?

I’ve been pretty impressed with the most recent Sinmara EP. I spin Uada’s EP a lot, as well as Tribulation’s discography. Also of note is this French band VI, which is a side project of a couple of the guys from Aosoth. Their album really sticks out because of the way they use chords. They have these super grandiose major and generally diatonic harmonies, and then they blindside you with these really gnarly dissonances. The end result is a contorted atmosphere that’s both sacred and profane simultaneously. I can’t think of a better sonic representation of sanctity defiled. It’s absolutely magnificent. And of course, you can never go wrong with the classics like Dissection or Deathspell Omega. 

9. Do you have a creative process, or any rituals you abide by?

That too has evolved quite a bit. Traditionally I’m the most creative at night. Sometimes I’ve been known to record and compose with the lights off, to really connect with the Source uninhibited. Often times I’ll come up with an initial riff or motif and get down some basic ideas, and then let the character of the music determine the conceptual direction of what I’m trying to say and proceed accordingly. Other times the subject matter comes first and I’ll mess around with musical ideas to match that. By the time I record the final product, the message I’m trying to get across is always at the forefront of my mind. During the recording of Agios O Fotiá, that really took over. The ritual aspect of the recording and composing is that inevitable communing with those abstract ideas and phenomena.

Live, of course, our performances are very visibly rituals. The use of the evocation triangle and the arrangement of candles give us a focal point to channel our energy towards. The great thing about Hvile I Kaos today is that the people in the band are all artists I can gel with on a personal level. We all play off one another with a mutual understanding of what we’re trying to put together, and if we’re lucky the audience responds and participates with their own focus and presence. Our last live ritual in Lakewood with Valkyrium was very special in that regard. 

10. What kind of ideologies or emotions do you try to convey through your music?

My views are my own, as are my experiences. Rather than pushing a dogma or clearly defined agenda, I’m much more in favor of allowing those views, shaped in turn by those experiences, translate into the listener’s mind via the music. Everything in there is beyond words anyway, so it’s best to experience it directly. 

11. For someone just getting into your music what song would you recommend?

For a while I kind of considered “The Dying Gasps of a Once-Proud Eagle” off the 2013 self-titled EP to be the quintessential Hvile I Kaos track. In many ways I still do, at least for the band’s earliest period. As far as the more recent stuff goes, I’d say to listen to the entirety of “Beholden: Thy Olde Birch Gibbet”. That EP really flows together as one continuous piece. I think it really represents the best in Hvile I Kaos prior to Agios O Fotiá. Once the album is out, I’ll likely give a different answer. 

12. How did you form Hvile I Kaos? 

Hvile I Kaos came about much like many Black Metal projects. One day in summer 2011 a 19-year-old kid pissed at everything and everyone decided to put his sulking to good use and record nasty, evil music out of his room. Of course, the fact that I play the cello made the end result a bit unorthodox to say the least. And when I went back to Ohio that fall to continue my conservatory studies, Hvile I Kaos was actually an immediate cause for my decision to add a Music Composition major to my Cello Performance program. As a result, it kind of became not only a direct extension of my artistic and personal growth, but also of my education. 

For a while I kind of put Hvile I Kaos on hold to focus on other bands and projects. A decision I now understand to have been a profound mistake. Today I see Hvile I Kaos as the central pillar of who I am as a musician. I have session work and gigs and school and teaching and all sorts of other involvements that come with the territory of being a freelance professional musician. But Hvile I Kaos is the one outlet I consider to be truly mine. That’s never changing.  

13. Typical question but what does your band name translate to how did you come up with it?

Hvile I Kaos translates to “Rest in Chaos” from Norwegian. It’s actually a low-key salute to Jon Nodtveidt from Dissection, one of my main inspirations to form and continue the project (I know he was Swedish, but I just thought it sounded cooler in Norwegian). I’ve always found Jon’s life and music pretty inspiring, primarily because he was one of those exceptional artists who really put his money where his mouth was and lived the Darkness he preached. That influence, as well as that of Selim Lemouchi from the Devil’s Blood, has been something I come back to a lot to maintain the purity of what Hvile I Kaos is all about.

14. What do you do in your spare time to unwind after recording and or practicing? 

Deep down I’m a complete nerd, so I’ll often put on a documentary to chill out. I like learning about pretty weird stuff. Serial Killers. Dictators. Revolution. Genocide. Torture techniques. Ancient cultures like the Maya or the Ukrainian Cossacks. I’ve had this strange fascination with Paleoanthropology and human evolution since I was a kid. I also like reading about religion and spirituality, particularly of the more fringe variety. I have a pretty extensive collection of books on those subjects.

15. You do session work, describe some of the projects or bands you have worked with. 

As a session cellist, I’ve had the distinct privilege of playing on some very special upcoming releases. Namely, my friends in Imperialist, Wolvhammer, A Hill to Die Upon, Curse the Gods, Martin Stacey, and Osi and the Jupiter are putting out some fantastic new music soon. All of these projects are visceral and honest reflections of the beliefs and experiences of the individuals behind them. Keep watch for what is to come. 

16. What are your plans for the future?

I’m going back to school this fall to finish my Master’s program in Cello Performance, so that’s going to be largely taking center stage. Hvile I Kaos is going to stay pretty active. I’m going to continue to work on new music, and we’ll be taking the shows that make sense for us. Of course, the Will of the individual and the progression of Wyrd play off each other in ways I can’t predict, but I’m going to stay open and keep my gaze fixed.




Featurelust: Agios O Baphomet- Hvile I Kaos

Photo Credit: Lone Wolf Productions

Kakophonix the mastermind behind Hvile I Kaos has been unwavering in his effort to deliver his own brand of Cellistic Black Metal to the masses. October 13th will see the release of the first full length album entitled Agios O Fotiá which translates to “Oh Holy Fire” in Greek. A small label that specializes in the Occult entitled Deathwave Nexion is going to see the release of the album, which has its well deserved spot on the labels roster.  Thereafter on October 14th a release show will be held at The 5 Star Bar in Los Angeles where Hvile I Kaos will perform with Ruins ov Abbadon, Imperialist, Solar Haze, and Morphesia. This show is being put together by Church of the 8th Day and The Elegy Ensemble and is sure to please, as it is rounding up some very prominent musicians in the scene.

Now if you have kept up with The Metal Wanderlust in the past Hvile I Kaos may be a familiar name and this is not the first time we have featured this unique and talented artist, and hopefully not the last. The single Agios O Baphomet is nothing short of another momentous offering, which is an adaptation of an esoteric chant attributed to the Order of the Nine Angles. Slow brooding layered cello work mingled with guitar draws the listener into an arcane journey, masterful and beautiful. Black Metal riffs transport the being into the fires evoking a presence portrayed in the notes and movements of the song. Quoting Kakophonix himself he states that the tracks on Agios O Fotiá each carry their own esoteric spiritual meaning. If that is an indication as to what there is to expect, this album will be nothing short of spectacular as Kakophonix is a master at portraying emotion and feeling through his music. Open your mind and ears once again, there is a fire burning on the horizon and it’s insatiable flame is to not be quelled. 



EYEHATEGOD To Kick Off Left To Starve Summer Tour This Week; Trailer Posted

 will kick off a thirty-nine-date US mega tour this Tuesday! The Left To Starve summer takeover will run through September 13th, and includes performances with Capitalist Casualties, Phobia, Primitive Man, Negative Approach, Antiseen, Cro-Mags, Pig Destroyer, The Obsessed, and Mountain Of Wizard on select dates. The journey also marks frontman Mike IX Williams’ lengthiest tour since undergoing liver transplant surgery this past December.
See all confirmed dates below and check out the tour teaser courtesy of Chariot Of Black Moth at THIS LOCATION.
EYEHATEGOD – Left To Starve Summer Tour: 
8/01/2017 Boozers – Corpus Christi, TX
8/02/2017 Lowbrow – El Paso, TX
8/03/2017 Club Red – Phoenix, AZ w/ Capitalist Casualties, Phobia
8/04/2017 Dive Bar – Las Vegas, NV w/ Capitalist Casualties, Phobia
8/05/2017 Los Globos – Los Angeles, CA w/ Capitalist Casualties, Phobia
8/06/2017 Blue Lamp – Sacramento, CA w/ Capitalist Casualties
8/07/2017 Elbow Room – San Francisco, CA w/ Capitalist Casualties
8/08/2017 Dante’s – Portland, OR w/ Capitalist Casualties
8/09/2017 El Corazon – Seattle, WA w/ Capitalist Casualties
8/11/2017 Marquis Theater – Denver, CO w/ Primitive Man
8/12/2017 Launchpad – Albuquerque, NM w/ Primitive Man
8/13/2017 Korova – San Antonio, TX w/ Negative Approach
8/14/2017 Trees – Dallas, TX w/ Negative Approach
8/15/2017 89th Street – Oklahoma City, OK w/ Negative Approach
8/16/2017 The Gig – Beaumont, TX w/ Negative Approach
8/18/2017 South Port – New Orleans, LA w/ Negative Approach
8/19/2017 Ground Zero – Spartanburg, SC w/ Antiseen, Negative Approach
8/20/2017 The Muse – Wilmington, NC w/ Negative Approach
8/21/2017 The Earl – Atlanta, GA w/ Negative Approach
8/22/2017 Broadberry – Richmond, VA w/ Negative Approach
8/24/2017 Middle East – Boston, MA w/ Cro-Mags
8/25/2017 Montage – Rochester, NY w/ Cro-Mags
8/26/2017 Cafe 611 – Frederick, MD w/ Cro-Mags, Pig Destroyer
8/27/2017 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY w/ Cro-Mags
8/28/2017 Chameleon Club – Lancaster, PA w/ Cro-Mags
8/30/2017 Mexicali – Teaneck, NJ w/ Cro-Mags
8/31/2017 Outpost – Kent, OH w/ Cro-Mags
9/01/2017 Spirit Hall – Pittsburgh, PA w/ Cro-Mags
9/02/2017 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL w/ Cro-Mags
9/03/2017 Cobra Lounge – Chicago, IL w/ Cro-Mags
9/04/2017 Triple Rock Social Club – Minneapolis, MN w/ Cro-Mags
9/05/2017 Rock Island Brewing – Rock Island, IL w/ Cro-Mags
9/06/2017 Club El – Detroit, MI w/ Cro-Mags
9/08/2017 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH w/ The Obsessed, Mountain Of Wizard
9/09/2017 The Pinch – Washington, DC w/ The Obsessed, Mountain Of Wizard
9/10/2017 Golden Pony – Harrionsburg, VA w/ The Obsessed, Mountain Of Wizard
9/11/2017 Ziggys – Chattanooga, TN w/ Mountain Of Wizard
9/12/2017 Sidetracks – Huntsville, AL w/ Mountain Of Wizard
9/13/2017 Vinyl Music Hall – Pensacola, FL w/ Mountain Of Wizard

EYEHATEGOD continues to deafen the masses in support of their self-titled LP which dropped in 2014 via Housecore Records, breaking the band’s decade-and-a-half gap since their prior full-length and marking the most successful release of the band’s storied history. Consequence Of Sound called the record “…their most entertaining release since 1996’s Dopesick… urgent and raw, as if the band hasn’t aged a day,” Pitchfork gushed, “they’ve come out swinging, armed with yet another of their often-renewed leases on life and still spoiling for a fight. That EyeHateGod exists at all is a miracle in and of itself, but the fact that it is so damn great is simply extraordinary.” Added Metal Injection, “in terms of consistency and sheer ‘fuck yeah!’-ness. this is right up there in that first tier of must have EYEHATEGOD platters. Welcome back, boys. You earned it.”

The band will be celebrating their thirtieth anniversary next year. Stay tuned for special releases to be announced in the future. In the meantime, orders for EyeHateGod in North America can be placed via Housecore Records HERE. Additionally, the official For The Sick Benefit poster and benefit T-shirt are still available for purchase at IndieMerch HERE.

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Featurelust: Imperialist

Black Metal is a genre where bands are able to shine in various points and their repertoire is not limited to generic songs and or a stereotypical facade. There is wiggle room and bands can come into their own. Imperialist from Monrovia California are a prime example of this very thing, they play their own brew of Melodic Black Metal with hints of Death Metal creating their own unique sound. There is no shortage of what one could expect with said genre but they deliver a powerhouse of sound. From the furious guitar work to the hammering of drums Imperialist will leave the listener shaking in their boots. With one album under their belt entitled Quantum Annexation they have paved their path to deliver Melodic Black Metal spawned from the deep recesses of the beyond. They recently played a show in LA at The 5 Star in support of One Master and Imperialist delivered. Their stage presence is strong and furious, giving off plenty of tasty riffs to headbang to and you can feel the dedication and aggression. Guitar wise the melodic aspect is prominent immediately while at the same time they stand out to be different. It is definitely refreshing to see this with bands who strive to not be your run of the mill metal act. Imperialist is currently working on a new album and I feel that this is going to be a stepping stone into new realms. This is the talent of the underground metal scene, and I am happy to be a part of it and Imperialist are sure to impress and bring themselves to the forefront. 


Sergio Soto: Guitar/Vocals

Rod Quinones: Drums

Bryant Quinones: Guitar

Adrian Castaneda: Bass 


Review: Iceland’s Nexion Delves into the Void

Iceland continues to prove their worth in todays metal scene. The country has become a driving force, spewing forth talent like a volcanic eruption. Nexion out of Reykjavík are just one of many sure to cause a stir within the underground, combining elements of Death and Black Metal tinged with that special Icelandic finesse Nexion are already at tier level with their peers. Their self titled debut EP released on April 14, 2017 is a 4 track powerhouse of angry and desolate sounds. 

I. Of Genesis rings chaos as the first notes blast through, immediately enveloping darkness mingled with dissonance. The vocals of Josh Rood shine ranging from pain staking screams to low guttural chants. This is a great opening track, it immediately hooks the listener to the bands sound as a whole. Waking from a dream II. Of the Coiling Void is reminiscent of a crumbling dreamscape, futile and evil. If walking through a desolate nightmarish setting had a theme song this would be it. It is so catchy and fun but that still does not take away from the ideologies. Jump into a concoction of death and pestilence, with a melody that hooks you right in, III. Of the Pestwielder culmimates the art of this beast, full of headbanging passages and evil melodies that embody the bands sound. Crossing the bridge into new beginnings IV. Of the Final Throes of Creation has a sound that will rip through your ears. Violent drums and swift ominous guitar riffs make for a painful angry birth into oblivion. Nexion has released a stellar debut EP and fans of Blackened Death Metal are sure to get their fill while leaving room for more. These fine gentleman are doing it right, a very promising EP and hopefully more to come in the near future. 


Jóhannes Smári Smárason-Guitar

Óskar Rúnarsson- Guitar

Josh Rood- Vocals

Kári Pálsson- Bass

Tumi Snær Gíslason- Drums